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Ozone Concentrator

Ozone Generators

GS Ozone Generators are Designed, Developed and Manufactured by our in-house technical team. All our ozone generators work based on the most advanced and proven High voltage, High Frequency Corona Discharge Technology for ozone production. We manufacture an extensive range of Ozone Generators from 250 milligrams per hour to 1 kilogram per hour to suit various applications. All our products are Rugged, Field Proven and capable of 24 hours operation

We constantly strive to be in the forefront of technology to provide more value to our customers in terms of Competitive Pricing, Quality, Performance and Safety. We present the facts and eliminate any possibility of exaggeration

Air Cooled Ozone Generators – A Series

GS Enterises offers Air Cooled Ozone Generators for capacities up to 20 grams/hour. The models in the A-series are ready to use, compact and wall mountable units. The air-cooled electrodes used in these models are specially designed in SS with aluminum fins for better heat dissipation. This ensures high ozone output and longer life of the electrode and product